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Book: Complete Kickboxing: The Fighter's Ultimate Guide to Techniques, Concepts and Strategy for Sparring and Competition

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Complete Kickboxing: The Fighter's Ultimate Guide to Techniques, Concepts and Strategy for Sparring and Competition

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Book Details

  • Paperback: 480 pages
  • Publisher: Turtle Press; 1 edition (April 2004)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1880336847
  • ISBN-13: 978-1880336847
  • Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 8.3 x 1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 2.4 pounds

Product Description

In the most comprehensive book on kickboxing ever written, Martina Sprague and Keith Livingston teach you exactly what it takes to survive and win in the kickboxing ring. Whether you want to become a professional kickboxer or just train like one, Complete Kickboxing is an invaluable reference.

Begin with the basics of movement, stance, punching, kicking and defensive fundamentals. Each skill is taught scientifically: learn good mechanics, drill with specific goals in mind and then apply your skills in sparring. Once you?ve established solid fundamentals, the authors introduce advanced skills like knee and elbow strikes, unorthodox punches, jump kicks and sweeps. As you build your arsenal, Keith and Martina share the kind of information that only two veterans of the ring can. Learn strategies for short and long range fighting, controlling the fight, outsmarting your opponent, working the angles and gaining superiority.

If your goal is competition, Complete Kickboxing can ensure you don?t miss a step along the way. Learn how to mentally and physically prepare for a fight, which equipment to train on, what goes on in the locker room before a match and how the business end of the fight game works.

With nearly 500 pages of instruction and over 1000 photos, Complete Kickboxing is the most comprehensive reference available on the exciting sport of Kickboxing.

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Customer Reviews

"Most comprehensive book on stand-up fighting I've ever read." 2008-10-03
By E. Yockey (Arizona)
This is the most comprehensive stand-up fighting book I've read. The authors are not only incredibly knowledgeable but they are articulate--breaking down the moves to their most basic and understandable forms. My background is ground-fighting, so that ability to break things down in a way that even a thick headed guy like me can understand it is incredibly valuable to those of us who are looking to expand our fight game. Even if you have an extensive stand-up background, I think that you would find this book valuable because of all the information it gives on competing and on the world of pro-fighting. This is just one guy's opinion, but if you are looking to compete either in MMA, kick-boxing or some other kind of stand-up fighting I'd say you definitely need to read this book and keep it as a ready reference in your tool box.

"the ultimate guide for anyone interested in kickboxing" 2008-08-18
By rocky (australia)
this book covers everything that u would ever need to know in kickboxing. it shows correct techniques, drills, sparring, and strategies that are employed in kickboxing. the authors do an excellent job of explaining the methodically correct way to approach the materials discussed in the book. the book also has sections on strenght training and conditioning for kickboxing. it even contains real life stories of what the authors experienced in their years as kickboxer. a must have for anyone wisjing to train proficiently in the sport of kickboxing. 5 star effort!

By Michalis Polydorou (cyprus military coach)
I teach MMA ,THAI BOXING AND C.Q.C ,i ordered this book out of curosity and I must admit I think its a great COLLECTION of DRILLS/KICKBOXING Knowledge in one book ,the writers have really gone to great lengths to detail kickboxing,the strategy,concepts for training etc and i would receommned this to any teacher and fighter as well as student ,one of the best M.A books i have read in years.

"Worth Every Penny" 2006-03-15
By Benjamin Thompson
As said before me this book lives up to its title. It is very complete, the author talks extensivly not only on every aspect of kickboxing I've ever heard of, but also of many I haven't. The book is easy to understand and the author has a unique style of writing and organization that keeps you interested. This is one of the best martial art books I've ever owned.

"A well-rounded compilation of facts" 2005-01-04
By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)
The collaborative work of martial arts experts Martina Sprague (kickboxing, modern freestyle, Kenpo karate) and Keith Livingston (kickboxing, Tae Kwon-Do, Kenpo Karate, boxing, Aikido, Ju-Jitsu, and former I.K.A. light heavyweight Rock Mountain champion), Complete Kickboxing is a "martial arts student friendly" instructional guide and reference for kickboxing techniques, concepts, sparring exercises and competition strategies. Beginning with the fundamentals of movement, stance, punching and kicking, and progressing to instructions on more advanced jump kicks and sweeps, strategies for short and long range fighting, outsmarting one's opponent, and the business mechanics of competition in the professional ring, Complete Kickboxing is an indispensible resource for novice and career kickboxers alike. A well-rounded compilation of facts, advice, and insight efficiently organized for improving one's skill and strengthening weaknesses.

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