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Book: Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge

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Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge

Product By Victory Belt Publishing
(49 customers reviews)

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Product Details

  • Paperback: 308 pages
  • Publisher: Victory Belt Publishing (May 15, 2007)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0977731561
  • ISBN-13: 978-0977731565
  • Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 9 x 0.9 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 pounds

Editorial Reviews

"The 300-plus-page softcover will address the standing and ground games as only Penn, a veteran of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, can."—Black Belt

Product Description

Mixed Martial Arts outlines the revolutionary system of fighting used by world-renowned fighter BJ Penn. Penn, one of the most technical and decorated fighters in the world today, illustrates fighting techniques that teach you how to mix strikes with takedowns, ground and pound an opponent into submission, fight against the cage and formulate strategies based upon your personal attributes and strengths.

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Customer Reviews

"One of the better ones out there" 2009-08-17
By Jackeyboy

BJ Penn's version (only) of MMA. Very little information for the stand up.


Extremely well done step by step color photos of techniques. High quality paper. The book looks and feels like a text book. Ecxellent depiction of the world Penn has proven himself a master in, the ground fight.

Recommend it:
Yes. Penn thankfuly stays true to what he knows and understands best and that is the world of BJJ. In the introduction he speaks of how a MMA fighter should concentrate on his strengths and then branch out to accomodate for the MMA world. Penn of course is a master of BJJ who has then acquired enough of the "stand up" game to not only survive in the MMA arena but thrive. Produced and released not long after his loss to Matt Hughes but before his fight with Sherk and subsequent title. This book is a great addition to a Ground Fighters library and anyone else who wants to improve their chances down there.

"perfect but a little bit inconsistent" 2009-07-23
  By Andy Marlinata (OK, USA)
  First of all, I respect BJ Penn's heart and technics, he is one of the greatest pound per pound MMA fighter up there, together with Fedor Emalianenko, Lyoto Machida, George St. Pierre and Anderson Silva ( all are Affliction or UFC champion in different weight classes and have been reigning for the last two years, Fedor and Lyoto still undefeated!!). BJ's accomplishments are awesome, the progress, power and speed, technics are top notch.


  The book is amazing! explaining from very basic to intermediate skill of striking and grappling, best of all, he blends them very well, great teacher and great technics but.... here's the hard part, sorry, BJ. In the introduction he shared his experience when he loss his second fight with Matt Hughes mainly caused by his blown off ribs when he tried to get Hughes's back at the end of second round which he said he has less than a minute to finish Hughes up. Then Hughes utilized BJ's broken ribs so that BJ had to protect his ribs than his face and arm. I'm not sure I remember that, so I watched the fight again and it's clearly that BJ's out of gas on the third round and Hughes just keep punching and mauling BJ on his heads, not a single punch intentionally aimed to BJ's ribs. And the previous round, BJ has almost two minutes when he almost control Hughes's back.

  But BJ did a superior job in this book, the way he explain his opinion and technic are great. Just a little bit misleading reason in why he loss his second fight with Hughes. I and almost all people will still admire and respect him evenif he admit that in that fight he wasn't well prepared for the stamina, it even make him a bigger man. That factor makes me give this book 4 stars , other than that, 5 stars!! Fedor's book is also very awesome, not as structured as BJ's but show and teach exactly what he does in the ring in a lot of his battles, great technics but not as much great introduction (or reason) for finding our own strength and training samples. One thing that I admire BJ a lot, he never really got cut or battered even when he loose, Fedor is undisputed till now ( and the next two years,too, probably) but in some fights he got battered, though (ex: Cro Cop fight, Nogueira even Hong Man Choi), winning riskier fighter ?? or BJ, mostly winning safer fighter? your choice. I admire them both but hopefully all of us can be better MMA learner or fighter (even analyst) from keep learning from the best. Thank you Victory Belt Publisher.

"Fast Shipping, Great Condition" 2009-06-30
  By Laurie Wagner (Fort Myers, FL USA)
  Thanks for the prompt shipping, and the product is in excellent shape. My husband loved it. Thanks

"outstanding step-by-step guide" 2009-05-24
  By Amazon Lover
  BJ Penn, Mixed Martial Arts! Excellent source for both novice and professionals interested in in-depth studies of martial arts. Step-by-step picture approach, how's and why's, wonderful described. I highly recommend this book as I enjoy UFC and any martial arts, respectively. 5 out of 5. Thank you.

"BJ Penn Rocks!" 2009-02-15
  By Scootz
  I'm more of a fan then an actual fighter but after seeing GSP cheat him out of his victory I had to support BJ by buying his book.
  The forward where he talks about all his fights is awesome,he should come out with a autobiography where he talks about his experiences as a MMA fighter.
  I only hope I can learn a move or 2 from the book.
  Its more inspirational for me to see someone follow their passion in life.

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