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Duke Roufus Muay Thai Instructional DVDs, 8 Amazing Volumes for Full Contact Kickboxing, Muay Thai & Mixed Martial Arts Fighting

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Duke Roufus Muay Thai Kick Boxing Instructional DVDs, 8 Amazing Volumes for Full Contact Kickboxing, Muay Thai & Mixed Martial Arts Fighting
Starring: Duke Roufus Director: Paul F. Viele

Product By World Martial Arts International
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The Duke Roufus Muay Thai Instructional DVDs Details

  • Actors: Duke Roufus
  • Directors: Paul F. Viele
  • Format: NTSC
  • Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only.)
  • Number of discs: 4
  • Studio: World Martial Arts International
  • DVD Release Date: August 31, 2007
  • Run Time: 396 minutes

DVDs Description

Learn Muay Thai full contact fighting from one of the best as 4 time World Heavyweight Muay Thai Champion Duke Roufus, widely considered one of the most technical heavyweights of all time, teaches everything he knows! This DVD set will help all fighters including Kickboxers, Muay Thai fighters and Mixed Martial Artists alike! This 8 volume DVD Set is packed with over 6 hours of the finest instruction you'll find anywhere on the subject garunteed. This series covers everything from basic Muay Thai concepts like footwork, movement and equipment to advanced techniques like counter striking, strategy and fight game plan. Every technique (knees, elbows, punching, counters, fakes, blocking and much more) is explained in great detail. A must-have Video Series for any wanting to learn the very best of the striking arts. Volumes Included are, Footwork & Defense Part 1, Muay Thai Footwork & Defense Part 2, Muay Thai Full Contact Punching, Muay Thai Full Contact Kicking, Muay Thai Elbows Knees & Inside Fighting, Muay Thai Combinations, Muay Thai Fighting Strategies, Muay Thai Equipment Workout & Duke Roufus In Action.

Volume 1 - Muay Thai Footwork & Defense Part 1
This video will lay the foundation to true power in Muay Thai. Here World Champion Duke Roufus teaches the fundamentals of stance, weight distribution, movement, footwork and more. Duke teaches lateral ring footwork, forward and back ring footwork and evading ring footwork. Learn to protect yourself and block and slip every punch in the book. This Muay Thai video is a must for anyone wanting to enter the ring and walk out in one piece!

Volume 2 - Muay Thai Footwork & Defense Part 2
This video will bring you into one of the most critical areas of Muay Thai and full contact fighting, defending against kicks! According to Duke Roufus, not knowing how to properly defend against kicks is one of the most common problems most will face. In this video, Duke will teach you how to read all kicks and stop them dead cold. Lean how to block all styles of kickers, high and low. Learn to stop devastating leg kicks, a must for all martial artists especially those fighting in no holds barred matches. Learn how to properly block kicks with your shins the right way!

Volume 3 - Muay Thai Full Contact Punching
This explosive video will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about punching in a full contact match. Nothing is missed, as you will learn hand and body position, weight distribution and footwork for maximum power. Learn to properly throw every punch needed like jabs, hooks, straight punches, uppercuts, body punches, spinning backfists and many more. This is not just another basic punching video but a complete break down of every punch and all of their variations. Each punch is looked at in detail and shown when and why to use it. World Muay Thai Champion Duke Roufus is known as one of the most dangerous punchers in the sport of full contact. Learn his secrets to success.

Volume 4 - Muay Thai Full Contact Kicking
This is the video you have been waiting for! Duke Roufus teaches Full Contact Muay Thai kicking like you’ve never seen before! Learn to destroy your opponent with devastating high, low and body kicks. This video will teach the proper area of the shins to strike with and were to hit your opponent to do the most damage. Learn devastating leg kicks as Duke has broken two opponents legs in full contact matches. Let Duke teach you all the tricks and tactics of leg kicking that are important in full contact and no holds barred fighting. Learn every kick in the fight game like front kicks, push kicks, roundhouse kicks, head kicks and more. Learn the devastating Roufus switch- kick. This video is a must for any full contact fighter or mixed martial artist!

Volume 5 - Muay Thai Elbows, Knees & Inside Fighting
This exciting video will teach you how to destroy any opponent with brutal MuaThai elbows and knees. This is authentic Thai instruction as Duke teaches these techniques the same way he learned them in Thailand. Learn to generate power with every elbow and thrown learning vital striking areas to injure your opponents. Every Muay Thai elbow is covered including jumping elbows, downward elbows and inside and outside elbows. Learn the theory of knees and how and when to use them. Learn inside fighting and clinching taught only in Thailand. This video will be a big help to those fighting in No Holds barred events that are looking to use strikes at close range.

Volume 6 - Muay Thai Combinations
This explosive video will enable you to bring all of the techniques you have learned on the previous tapes together into devastating combinations! Learn how to combine kicks and punches to offset your opponent and get the knock out. Duke covers all styles of fighting using live action sparring to show how combinations should be used. This is one of the most advanced offensive and defensive fighting strategy videos you will ever find.

Volume 7 - Muay Thai Fighting Strategies
This video will teach you the strategies that made Duke Roufus a Muay Thai World Champion. Here Duke teaches how to deal with the wide variety of fighters you may face in the ring. Learn to win successfully against fighters like dangerous punchers, brawlers, strong kickers, inside fighters and more. Learn to read your opponent and find his weaknesses in the ring. This is must have video for anyone looking to fight like a world champion in the ring!

Volume 8 - Muay Thai Equipment Workout & Duke Roufus “In Action”
This is one of the most important videos you will ever watch. Learn to use Muay Thai equipment the way it is learned in Thailand. Duke will teach you how to develop massive power in your technique as you learn how to strike the focus mitts, Thai pads and more. Duke Roufus also shows how important the Muay Thai coach is as he teaches how to coach properly using the Thai Pads and corrects some of the common mistakes that coaches make when holding the Thai pads. This video is a must have for fighters and trainers alike.

About the Actor
4-time Heavyweight World Muay Thai Champion Duke Roufus shares his personal knowledge of Muay Thai from extensive training in Thailand and as coach of the legendary Roufus Kickboxing Team in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

About the Director
Paul F. Viele has been the premier producer of Mixed Martial Arts DVD's for over 15 years with World Martial Arts (groundfighter.com). He has produced many of the world's top artists of MMA like Mario Sperry, Marcelo Garcia, Saulo Ribeiro, Cesar Gracie, Shogun and Ninja, and many more. He currently resides in Rio de Janeiro Brazil and New York.

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Customer Reviews

"Too scared to give a bad review" 2009-06-21
By Petey Pirate (fly over state)
Great explanations. My kids and I use this for part of our martial arts / self defense work (we use Dan Gable's wrestling dvd as the other part). Roufus explains the hows and whys of every move. We knew nothing of Muay Thai going into the dvd series, but the set is a great way to learn. Highest recommendation. (You think that is a good enough review so he doesn't track me down??)

"Best Instructional Muay Thai DVD Period!" 2009-01-11
By Siamese MMA (U.S.A.)
Having trained under some of the best Thai fighters in the world, I was curious to see what Duke Roufus had to offer. My conclusion was quick. Duke had a lot to offer, and then some! There are many Muay Thai DVDs, which will show you a technique. This one actually details the details, such as footwork and why you should move your footwork a certain way. As the techniques progress, you are still reminded (in details) why the basic footwork is such an important foundation. For the English speaking world, this DVD is also one of the clearest if not the clearest in terms of attention to details and explanation. Not only are explanations given, Duke also demonstrates why he explains things (for example a certain defense against the hook) a certain way. Alternatives are also explained, which allows the fighter to flow into another technique if one doesn't work or if the other is more applicable.
A beginner and even intermediate practitioners will suddenly realize that Muay Thai, which is often credited as being deadly because of simplicity, requires a lot more than you think in order to master that simplicity. Footwork, angle, stances, combos, strategy, etc. takes years to master and Duke explains them. You will no longer view Muay Thai as some one-kick art that you can learn in a day. The deadly simplicity takes much practice to know and apply well. Once again, Duke will give you a perspective into this reality.
In the past, I had doubted if Duke Roufus (who once criticized Muay Thai when he was much younger) would be able to actually put out a fine instructional Muay Thai DVD. Let's just say, he shut me up in a good way - and he shut me up good. This DVD is right on and is actually not just the best one in which an American teaches this Thai art; it is one of the best ones - if not the best one - period!
Combine this DVD with Malaipet's "The Muay Thai Clinch," and you will have a pretty comprehensive understanding of the art. (If there is any weakness with this DVD, it has to be that the clinch work covered is very basic and does not provide the more advanced techniques. Of course Muay Thai clinching is a whole art in itself, deserving its own volume.)
All in all, this is a 10-Star set regardless of how you look at it.

"excellent teaching" 2008-02-05
By Thomas P. Mowrey (Phoenix)
This is an excellent teaching product for those who want to become better at muay thai/kickboxing. Duke explains in detail from all different angles each move. For those of you looking to get an excellent quality standup game, I'd highly reccommend this dvd! Easy to follow and very technique oriented.

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