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Muay Thai Master Saekson - 4 DVD Set

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Muay Thai Master Saekson - 4 DVD Set
Saekson Janjira Director: Y. Ishimoto

Product By Rising Sun Productions
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Product Details

  • Actors: Saekson Janjira
  • Directors: Y. Ishimoto
  • Format: Color, NTSC
  • Region: Region 1 (U.S. and Canada only.)
  • Number of discs: 4
  • Studio: Rising Sun Productions
  • DVD Release Date: October 1, 2004
  • Run Time: 220 minutes

Product Description

These are the best tapes ever done on Muay Thai instruction. Saekson Janjira is one of the Kings of the ring in Bangkok and his skills are second to none and we mean none.

This 4 DVD set is one of our best selling series and once you watch it you will know why.

He shows everything from hands to footwork to kicks to blocks to ring training and so much more you will not believe how much information has been jammed in to these 4 DVD’s.

The series is shot professionally with good sound. Y^he director is a famous Hollywood director who shot these as a favour to Saekson so you will be elated with your purchase we assure you.

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Customer Reviews

"Great Information Would recommend to anyone involved in kickboxing and MMA" 2007-07-24
By J. Valentine (Bronx, NY)
This DVD although the quality is not picture perfect the information is accurate and detailed. If you continue to drill one step at a time even the most inexperienced person can good understanding on defense and offense. Definetly worth the price. Don't think about it.

"Good Series For Muay Thai Starters" 2007-01-09
By F. Asher (Kingspoint, Ny USA)
This is a great DVD set for begenning Muay Thai. The first DVD walks you through the basics of punches, including jab drills, jab cross drills, Hook drills, punching drills with weights (so when you take the weight off your super fast and powerful).
The second DVD moves on to to upercut drills, kicking and elbow drills. Note that these drills are VERY well laid out showing proper footwork, proper punching/kicking techniques, proper punch/kick technique.
DVD 3,4 are advanced drills with bags and partners great for the next level after core training. Anyone interested in my original copy can let me now at [...] as I have recorded the series on my tivo.

"Muay Thai Master Saekson Is Excellent" 2006-08-06
By Sean Tyler (Canada)
This Is Bye Far The Best Muay Thai Video Out there thus Far
Master Saekson Breaks everything down to the Bar basics to advanced teckniqes. If you need Reference material to expand your nolege in Muay Thai this is it. Its worth every pennsy

"Master Saekson 4 DVD Set - Bargain!!!!!" 2006-02-21
By SK (L/Pool UK)
If you want to learn Muay Thai I highly recommend you to buy at least DVD 1 & 2 from this collection.
Excellent sound & picture quality . Very easy to understand Master Saekson and also good side angle shots to clarify points. DVD 1 & 2 are excellent for the beginner and you could easily "work in" with them to get you started and get your routine up and running.
DVD 3 & 4 give general training/conditioning tips and would probably suit someone who is going to put alot of time in and become a serious fighter or once you have been training for sometime and want to explore the system and conditioning aspects further (However, very useful if you have not trained before and have no idea how to work bag/pads or put combinations together or just have a lack of imagination).
However, still a bargain for all 4 and the delivery was about 2 weeks before target.
I have been training in martial arts for 15 years (Karate, Dim-Mak and boxing) and recently became interested in Muay Thai (this is down to the fact that it is a proven fighting system, see NHB and UFC for good examples of real world aplication and you can now get good instruction/information). I have a couple of the 4 and 5 star rated books from Amazon and various other sites on the subject and as I have a good understanding of various MMA's train at home - whilst the books are very good, being able to see the full range of movements in the DVD's goes way beyond what the books can do. DVD's 1 & 2 are excellent for this - all the basic's are made very clear along with the slightly different techniques used in Muay Thai - explaining how the skinny guys get so much power into their punches and kicks!!!(lol).
I highly recommend these DVD's and The Underground Guide to Warrior Fitness by Ross Enamait (for Strength and Conditioning tutorial) and a good back up wrestling or Brazilian Jiu-JitSu DVD i.e Gracie Brothers release. You would then have a "real world " fighting system and full knowledge on how to train/strengthen your body without buying expensive gadgets/weights or cardio equipment etc.

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