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Everlast 4306 Leather Training Bag Gloves

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Everlast 4306 Leather Training Bag Gloves

Product By Everlast
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Gloves's Details

  • High-density foam protects against heavy impact
  • Made of 100% genuine leather
  • Pre-curved padded palm grip adds comfort and durability
  • Ventilated palms provide extra comfort
  • Elastic strap across the wrists provides a secure fit

Product Description

Select, top quality, genuine cowhide. Special grip-curved palm for better comfort and gripping. Leather bound and nylon sewn with heavy cotton twill cotton lining. (One size fits all).
Crafted from high-quality genuine leather for long-lasting use, Everlast Training Gloves are intended for tough heavy bag training workouts. The pre-curved padded palm grip increases comfort and durability and helps perfect technique. High-density foam layering protects against hard impact and retains its shape punch after punch. The gloves are fully lined and comfortably padded with an elastic strap across the wrist for a snug fit. A good-sized hole at the palm allows for ventilation.

About Everlast
The name Everlast is synonymous with boxing. Renown internationally as a manufacturer of boxing equipment, Everlast started out as a swimwear manufacturer in 1910. Headquartered in the Bronx, NY, the company was founded by 17-year-old Jacob Golomb. The son of a tailor and an avid swimmer, Jacob Golomb was dissatisfied with the durability of swimsuits because they barely lasted a season, so he began making suits that he guaranteed would last for a full year. He proudly gave them the name, Everlast. Although the swimsuits did not last through the years, the name did.

Over the next years, Golomb expanded his company into a small retail store that carried a full line of sports equipment. In 1917, a young fighter named Jack Dempsey introduced boxing to Golomb and Everlast. Dempsey asked Golomb to construct protective headgear that would last more than 15 rounds of intensive boxing training. Golomb specially designed the training gear for Dempsey. In 1919, Dempsey won the world’s heavyweight championship wearing boxing gloves made for him by Golomb. Everlast became the headquarters for boxing equipment throughout the world. In 1925, Golomb designed elastic-waist trunks to replace the leather-belted trunks then worn by boxers. These trunks, now known as boxer trunks, immediately became famous. Jacob Golomb ran the business until he passed away in the early 1950’s and his son, Dan, took over. In 1958, Ben Nadorf joined Everlast and purchased 50% of the company from the Golomb family. When Dan Golomb passed away in 1995, Nadorf purchased the family’s remaining 50% interest. Nadorf remained the President and Principle Share Holder of Everlast until October 24, 2000.

Everlast men’s and women’s apparel and accessories continue today to be tremendously successful both inside and outside the ring. In addition, Everlast boxing trunks and equipment remain the proud and undefeated champion of the boxing industry for more than 90 years. The history continues, as the name states. Everlast has a traditional past and a knockout future.

What’s in the Box?
One pair of training bag gloves

Manufacturer Warranty
1 year 

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Customer Reviews

"Just don't hit the bag too hard..." 2009-01-18
By S. Cox (KY)
I got these gloves in a set with a 80lb heavy bag. I don't have any boxing/MA training, so I started slowly. I found these gloves to be very well designed and EXTREMELY durable. On 2 occasions, I hit the concrete block wall instead of the heavy bag so I didn't shake the house in the night and wake everyone. There was no damage to the gloves. I think the padding and construction gave me a little too much confidence--last week while training, I was wailing on the bag, and I fractured both of my wrists. No glove can pad massive punches like I throw, so if you are like me, be careful and don't let testosterone overpower good sense. Write me: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

"Punching bag gloves" 2007-07-20
By Fernando Nuez
I have had an extensive experience using different types of bag gloves, and what I think of my recent purchase - they're excellent and made of good material.

"Not bad" 2007-02-08
By J. Kurz (Salem, OR USA)
These were a little smaller than expected so if you have really big hands look to see if you can get a bigger size. A little tight at the wrists, but these have great padding and serve me well.

"Gets the job done, and it works" 2005-07-20
By Q. Wilson II (Sack of Mentos, CA)
I ordered these gloves in tandem with a Heavy Bag for my father on Father's Day. He's had difficulty staying in shape and working out with different fitness programs I've designed for him. The Heavy Bag is right up his alley, and with the gloves he can work out longer and more intensely and get a real cardiovascular experience while he relieves some stress. I'm not sure whether this is an endorsement for the gloves or the bag, but he really seems to enjoy the fit, fabric, and force with which he can punch.

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