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Century Blue Wavemaster Combo - Standing Bag Base with a Speed Rope and Bag Gloves

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Blue Wavemaster Combo - Standing Bag Base with a Speed Rope and Bag Gloves

Product By Century
(6 customers reviews)

Technical Details

  • Wavemaster: Twice as Many Height Adjustment Options: Was Four Now Seven.
  • Comes with a Speed Rope: Jumping rope is still the best cardio workout yet invented.
  • "Comes with bag gloves: Durable vinyl, lined with cool, moisture absorbing canvas."
  • New! Wavemaster III Base: Wider for Extra Stability
  • Approximately 270 lbs when filled. Available in Blue.

Product Description

Blue Wavemaster Combo

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Customer Reviews

"Great Combo For Beginners!" 2009-01-10
By Rev. R L Anderson (E-ville, IN USA)
This combo package was a great gift for my son, a beginning student in Tae Kwon Do. A great outlet for pent-up energies on rainy days! He can go out to the garage and work on his moves! Seems to be of sturdy construction. Adjustable height is exactly what we need for him, since boys grow SO FAST! It should be adjustable enough to last well into high school and maybe beyond!

"Good price for combo" 2008-11-04
By A. Mende (Texarkana, AR)
I bought this product about a month ago. I thought it would be good to let some aggression out on bag as I did in my younger years. I shopped for a while and came across this deal....thought it was to good to be true. Ordered it and it was an awesome deal. The bag was easy to set up, the rope worked great once it was stretched out, and the gloves provided the minimal protection that I needed. Overall, a great product and price....and extra bonuses that you do not get with other products!!

"outstanding quality" 2008-10-19
By Joseph M. Mayerhoff
when i got this bag, i was worried it wouldnt be able to take a beating. but i was dead wrong. i can kick this thing for hours and it wont budge. an absolute great buy.

"Teeters, no jump rope." 2008-10-18
By Thomas J. Helton (STL, MO)
The box came very beat up, and with the rope missing. I originally filled the base with water but it seems to moved quite a bit, so I am going to try sand, which weighs more. Overall, it's pretty good. I got this instead of getting a hanging bag because I wanted something in the basement and I live in a an old place that probably wouldn't support the weight. Kind of noisy too, but I really like the gloves that came with it.

"The Wavemaster is Great, the Other Two Items..." 2008-10-12
By R. Cole
The "original" Wavemaster free-standing training bag is an older design, but it is still one of the top models available. The large base allows the bag to be hit with significant force without tipping, and the long center pole provides a target area up to a rough height of five and a half feet. The unpadded plastic base is resistant to damage, but can still be broken if accidentally kicked with too much force - an important aspect to realize, since this "no-kick" area is the first foot and a half of the device. The bag can be pushed/rolled into a corner when not in use, but be aware that it is somewhat difficult to move when completely filled. And, while this bag is especially good at absorbing the force of non-linear strikes (round kicks, hook kicks, hook punches), linear strikes that go UPWARD (non-thrusting front kick, grazing uppercuts) will tend to rip the padding from the glue/center that holds it in place, breaking the bag. Still, this is definitely one of the best models to get for the price (at the time of this writing, the combo cost roughly $120 after S&H is taken into consideration), and I highly recommend it.

But, is a free-standing bag for you? This type of bag IS NOT for everyone in every instance. A free standing bag...

- is NOT SILENT. If you live in an apartment building or have people living below you, THEY WILL HEAR/FEEL you striking this bag (just like a more traditional punching bag).

- is NOT IMMOVABLE. All bags move when struck - hanging bags, however, eventually swing back into position. The "give" this movement provides is a good thing, as anyone that has ever kicked a telephone pole or punched a brick wall can tell you. The bag provides significant resistance to strikes, but it can be knocked over or slid if struck with too much force or improper technique. Try working both sides of the bag during a workout in order to keep it in the same general place.

What about the other two items in this combo besides the Wavemaster? The jump rope is the standard Century "cheap" model that is next to worthless - better models can be purchased at a supermarket for $10. The bag gloves are decent, but I personally prefer hand wraps (between $4 and $10 depending on length). What you are really buying in this combo is the Wavemaster bag at a reasonable price, so keep that in mind.

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