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CENTURY INC 20028463 Wavemaster XXL Black Top Quality Free Standing Training Bag

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CENTURY INC 20028463 Wavemaster XXL Black Top Quality Free Standing Training Bag

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Product Description

Features include: • 69” tall and a full 18” diameter • Durable vinyl over high density foam. • Low profile base makes bag ideal for punching and kicking. • Weight distribution of base provides stability and functionality • Extra large fill hole and cap accommodate easy filling with sand or water. • Made in the USA ...is the ultimate bag with the largest kicking and punching area on the market.

Customer Reviews

"Ok but severly limited and NOT professional quality." 2006-04-13
By C. Jessop
One of the best of it's genre (stand up bags) but that isn't saying much.

It figures that a GIRL gave this a rave review. This bag is OK but not professional quality. I highly suggest getting the model that has numbered target decals on it to help your precision with punches and kicks. This is made of cheap plastic, poly foam and VINYL. They SAY you can fill it with water but that is totally idiotic- fill it with 300 pounds of sand instead for much better results.

This bag slides around the floor alot and makes a concussive bomb noise when it drops back down on the ground- which is what happens after a MAN kicks it- it will lift up on one end and then come slamming back down on the ground- watch your feet!

If you are a boy or a woman- this bag was made for you.

For real fighters- this is what you buy when you can't hang a real 6 foot thai bananna bag from the ceiling.

I have one- I use it- I like it- because it is better than nothing and in my apartment- that is the other option.

I HIGHLY SUGGEST looking into baffling the bottom of this bag so it doesn't slide so much and make so much $(*@$(* noise after you punch or kick it.

I have mine on a matress- far from perfect but real quiet. When I get more funds to throw at this project I will design a rubber baffle on the bottom to make it non skid and very quiet. They offer one of these baffles on the net but it is cheap and lame and not any good from the looks of it.

The best version of this bag is the black one that has targets decaled onto the vinyl- oh yeah- if you have regular hands- you will need to buy gloves because lesser mortals would rip their knuckles open on the vinyl. And no, I don't use gloves and have no problem unless I aim poorly which is rare- and slide of the side of it- then it's a nice rug burn on your hand.

When you first get this you will realize for the price to make the parts that you receive- you were totally ripped off! But for the functionality of the parts- it's allright.

"Excellent for training" 2005-06-03
By Kaira
I really liked this bag. It's durable and very good for training. Because it's extra large, it allows you to hit a wider range of areas, which is great for training in a wider range. You can use a much larger variety of blows against this bag. It's extra nice that you won't have to break your foot against plastic and extra-hard rubber (for all you people out there who can't tolerate that...) or adjust the bag so it can be higher for your jumping/flying kicks. The bag itself is tall enough for that. However, if you can jump really high, there is also a feature that allows you to adjust it. Overall, the Wavemaster XXL is a great choice for a martial artist or a boxer. There is so much more you can do with it than most bags you'll find elsewhere!

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