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Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag - Best Quality & Best Buy Freestanding Bag

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Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag - Best Quality & Best Buy Freestanding Bag

Product By Century Sporting Goods Company
(39 customers reviews)

The Standing Bag's Details

  • Extra-large martial arts training bag with high-quality striking surface
  • Durable vinyl cover and high-density foam fill is tough yet forgiving
  • Low-profile base and ultra-stable weight distribution
  • Fills with either sand or water; weighs roughly 270 pounds when filled
  • Stands 69 inches tall and measures a full 18 inches in diameter

Product Description

Century's ultimate bag with the largest kicking and punching surface area on the market
Century's ultimate training bag, the Wavemaster XXL offers the largest kicking and punching surface on the market. The Wavemaster XXL stands 69 inches tall and measures a full 18 inches in diameter, giving you plenty of space to practice your martial arts technique. The striking surface is also high quality, with a durable vinyl cover sitting atop high-density foam. And thanks the low-profile base and ultra-stable weight distribution, this bag will hold up sturdily to your training routines. Built with an extra-large fill hole that accommodates either sand or water, the Wavemaster XXL weighs roughly 270 pounds when filled and assembles tool-free.

About Century
Century began producing martial arts products in 1976, and today is recognized as the largest supplier of martial arts gear in the world. Currently located in Midwest City, Oklahoma, has expanded its product lines over the past 30 years to encompass boxing, media, yoga, and fitness products. The company employs a diversified group of professionals--many of whom are martial artists themselves--with the goal of helping every customer learn how martial arts can profoundly change lives.

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Customer Reviews

"Great for Muy Thai" 2009-09-17
By Zachary M. Ninteau
This bag is awesome. It doesn't move around much when you hit it, even for side, roundhouse and power front kicks, and is great for performing combinations on, and is easy enough to move when you flip it onto its side. It works well when filled with either water or sand, sand is a bit more stable though. All in all well worth the money.

"Weak base but otherwise great bag" 2009-09-16
By Chris Patterson (Waukesha, WI USA)
For starters, this is a nice bag that can take a good punch, high or low kick and some heavy punishment. It's portable and doesn't need to be hung, so there's a lot of nice features if you're looking for a good bag and can't have the noise of it rattling the ceiling.

However, I bought this bag in January and my friend and I knocked it around for four months until the base of the 'stem' snapped. This is the place that gets all the stress, since with a heavy hit the base tips and this hollow plastic stem has to carry the stress of 250lbs of water or sand. (In my case, sand.)

Since, I got a new stem from the manufacturer, but after knocking it around for a few minutes I heard the same crunching sounds at the base of the stem. The hollow plastic stem doesn't hold up, and is the worst part of the bag's design.

If anyone else has had this problem--the solution I came up with was to cut a small circle in the vinyl at the top of the stem and then fill the stem with sand. (There's a small hole at the top of the stem.) The hollow plastic stem now has about 50lbs of sand in it and it feels much better to hit it. The bag doesn't move around, so there's a nice solid feel to the bag, and it's great for strength training. I'm going to add about 50lb more this week, so the total weight of the bag is now 350lbs, which can handle a lot of punishment. Now to see if this can last longer than 4 months! I'll come back in about 6 months with another review.

"The item is ok, but I've got some issues" 2009-06-28
By D. Wittaker (Kingston, Jamaica)
Well, the item is nice... But is it what i was supposed to get?

First of all, the writing and such on the bag itself is not the same as the image shown with the WaveMaster written vertically on it... I got the one with the circular looking logo... Both say WaveMaster XXL but I don't know if there really is a difference so I haven't created an issue out of it. Yet.

Secondly, the packaging was crappy... Granted it's huge and the bag part probably wouldn't need padding, the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. Suppose the base was punctured or something? There was no padding in that box either. See the link for the bag i actually got at CENTURY INC 20028463 Wavemaster XXL Black

"Pretty fair substitute" 2009-06-26
By Gerald M. Adams (NC)
For an inanimate "sparring partner" nothing beats a good hanging heavy bag, but if one has no place or means to hang a heavy bag then this is a decent substitute.

Complaints: One, it isn't near as firm as a heavy bag -- almost like punching a big pillow. Works okay for speed and form, but doesn't assist much with developing power.

Two,it moves around too much. (Advice -- fill the bottom with sand instead of water).

Otherwise, it's okay for a home gym with limited options.

"unbeliveable item from heaven" 2009-06-10
By Vincent Rao
This punching bag was one of my presents for my 13th b day. im kinda young sooo plz listen cause all i have to say is that this is the most amazing punching bag ever. like i said im 13 and you wont even need gloves to punch this bag. and speaking of the durability, it is outragiously outstanding. it does not move 1 inch if you punch it. my parents punched it and it still didn't move.but maybe like 2 milimeters or so... but not that much. thats how good it is. i suggest to fill it up with water because you're going to be spending up too $100 on sand... sooo i reccomend this bag to people of 10-99 years of age. best you'll ever buy. its also good for kicking boxing even if ur not a kick boxer. and for boxing people as well. THE END. thank you for reading my novel/reccemondation lolz. jk :D I REALLY LOVE THE BAG!!!!!!!no joke -.-

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