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Bully Opponent Freestanding Bag Top Quality

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Bully Opponent Freestanding Bag Top Quality

Product By Century Martial Art Supply
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Technical Details

  • Bobby Bully, Body Opponent Bag
  • Durable and Affordable!
  • Low Prices!
  • Practice Safely!
  • Great Accessories To Punch Up Everyday Workouts!

Product Description

The best sparring partner you can buy for a young martial artist!! A great partner for sparring techniques or target training. Bully, Child sized Body Opponent Bag, is a kid size lifelike mannequin.

Skin is high strength plastisol and the inner cavity is filled with foam.
Two height adjustments, from 4 foot 2 inches to 4 foot 7 inches.
Base fills with sand or water and is rounded for easy roll relocation.
Weighs approx. 170 lbs. when filled for an extra sturdy base.
One year limited warranty
Available in: Natural Only
WEIGHT: 35 Lbs

Customer Reviews

"Billy" is our buddy." 2008-04-21
By Melissa (New York)
I bought this bully for my kids and they have been using it for over a year. We filled the base with water and it's plenty heavy enough for them. At its shortest, my 2-year-old can reach up to punch it and my 8-year-old still has a few levels to go before she outgrows it. This was a great choice for our kids.

"A Good Product" 2008-01-03
By Somyunguy
This is a great product for both teaching your children self defense, or for teaching young students. It's quite durable; gentler on the hands than the adult version, yet not unrealistically so. And it has a face you just want to punch ;)

It's quite light if the base is empty, but still works fine if you have someone holding it. The height is adjustable for all sizes of youths (at least 5 yrs, probably).

As with all anatomically correct bags, though lacking arms and legs, it's extremely effective for learning accuracy and proper technique.

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