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Century Bob with Groin Free Standing Opponent Bag Best Buy

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Century Bob with Groin/Shorts Free Standing Opponent Bag Best Buy

Product By Century
(9 customers reviews)

The Century Bob with Groin/Shorts Free Standing Bag Details

  • Two height adjustments,  from 5 foot 6 inches to 6 foot tall
  • Polyethylene base fills with sand or water and is rounded for easy roll relocation.
  • Approximately 270 lbs when filled.
  • One year limited warranty.
  • US shipping only. No Alaska or Hi on this item.

Product Description

Now even more realistic training for a variety of techniques. BOB's longer torso creates more striking surface area for body shot training as well as kicks.


Warning: Beware of cheap imitations! No other training equipment looks or feels like it, or is designed for commercial use!

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Customer Reviews

"Excellent" 2009-10-02
By Barry Kavanagh
I searched the Internet for weeks looking for a freestanding punch bag, I wanted a human shaped bag because it allowed me to practice strikes to vital areas of the body, one of my friends has a human shaped bag made of hard plastic which hurts a lot when you punch it and I was a little worried this bag would be the same.
I checked out some You Tube clips of the Bob bag and it looked really good so I made a purchase, the Bob bag arrived in 4 days. The Bob bag is very broad like a heavyweight boxer, much wider than I expected, when you stand face to face with Bob psychologically because of its size, build and angry face it feels more like you are going into a fight with someone way more powerful than you, which I guess at 6 feet and 300 pounds with no fat would be true.
Bobs skin is really weird, it does not feel like rubber but feels very similar to human flesh, it's soft like ballistics gel but flexes like rubber,it doesn't have the horrible dirty rubber smell, Bobs muscles are also really weird, I thought from the photos they were just little indentations but its a full mold with the muscle sticking out very realistically like someone had just painted a bodybuilder pink. When my dog first saw Bob he thought it was real person, starting barking at it and biting its torso,so he wasn't the only dummy in the room but once he got a sniff he knew it was real.
Bob was comfortable enough for me to punch without the gloves and I am not a boxer. I adjusted Bob to the full 6 feet in height and one thing that I thought was great is that the dummy doesn't rattle as the torso fits perfectly into the stand.
The gloves that came with bob had gel filled knuckles; they look cheap but are very comfortable and allow your hands to breath in long work outs.
The first time I stood bob up I just had to lay into him, I struck his nose which moves with the strike, and it doesnt chip or warp, when you punch him in the stomach you can feel the strike be absorbed by the surrounding material, its exactly like the density and feel of striking a real torso and doesnt have any nasty screws or hard pieces inside to break your hand.
I gave Bob an uppercut to his chin, I expected his head to fly backwards but it moves back only slightly, just like it does on a real person. I decided to then choke him with a rear naked choke, by then I was just having so much fun strangling him I just started laughing at the way his head bends.
Kicks to Bob were easy, the base doesn't get in the way so you don't get caught when you move in close, so if you like kicking you're in luck, the fact that bob has no legs wasn't a problem at all if you're really picky about it you can just wrap the base with pillows.
The XL bob comes with the groin; it's just a pair of shorts not a separate attachment, not that type of doll. The Groin area is great for practicing knee kicks, useful if someone strong grabs you.
I read that Bob tends to tip over when you punch him, this is generally because some people shove when they punch, anyway I filled my Bob with rocks and placed a rubber bath mat under the stand this way Bob is really heavy and doesn't mark the floor. I can punch Bob, choke him and even try and take him down to the ground.
Because of Bobs light colour he gets dirty, it's not a problem because of his smooth surface dirt doesn't stick well to him, washing him with a cloth and water does the trick every time.
I am really glad I purchased Bob. Overall really great fun, a weird item in a good way, I had a good laugh with this. I tend to be really picky about things but this is one of those products that you buy and recommend to everyone.

"Century Bob *with Groin*" 2009-07-03
By Bob (Divided States)
This Bob comes with a groin and this makes all the difference. When in a fight if your opponent is a male if you strike him hard in the groin you will weaken him greatly. Then punch him in the nose very hard, repeatedly. As a Bob, I am not offended by this product because there are evil Bobs in the world in addition to good ones like myself. Liberate your mind from victim psychology and train hard.

"Poor old Bob, what did he do to deserve these beatings?" 2009-05-30
By martin allan beaver (south marston, wilts United Kingdom)
I use my Bob XL as part of my cardio fitness routine. It's very easy to raise your heart rate with fast punches and combos to poor old Bob.

Mine is located in the garage and is filled with sand and then when i couldn't fit any more sand in i topped off with water. Took a good 2 hours to fill with sand due to the small fill cap, would have been easier if i had had dry, free flowing sand.

It is extremely heavy, i can barely push it along the floor so i wouldn't recommend it if you need to regularly move it out of the way.

I weigh 215 lbs, can bench 315lbs and I can't get it to budge with hard punches. It sits on a concrete floor, may be different on a polished wood surface.

I recommend this model over the standard Bob, it's heavier and has more target areas to hit.

I would advise wearing bag mitts when hitting Bob with any force, especially due to the moulding of the face it is easy to bruise knuckles.

If you are into martial arts/boxing then nothing can replace a decent heavy punch bag for developing punch power but for average hitters like myself or for those who need a quality fitness workout then the Bob Xl comes highly recommended!

"Scary mean dude!" 2008-12-18
By C. Shrader
I like practicing with it .... what's even more fun, is I put a shirt on it to protect it from practice-knife strikes, and I keep it in the garage right next to the kitchen door .... soooooo..... everyone who comes over has to, at least once, "go into the garage and grab us a couple of beers" ... It scares the be-jesus out of them! It still scares me when I go in there to practice with it!

"terrific addition to your gym repertoire" 2006-11-09
By Frank W. Adair (Los Angeles, CA USA)
I purchased the body opponent bag (not the XL) to provide motivation and to compare its function to my old reliable heavy bag...BOB is terrific...however, whereas the heavybag is solidly hit when struck, BOB requires a little more finesse...the head gives easily and does not provide the resistance of a heavy bag...but this is good! Additionally, there is at least one DVD available which provides other methods of attack. I find I can practice choke outs on BOB. Overall, I would highly recommend BOB as a tool to add to your boxing/self defense/exercise regimen. (This review was not based on the XL. I would prefer to have the XL, however the guy without the trunks was more affordable!)

Reviewer's boxing experience: 40 years

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