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Everlast 4008 Traditional Heavy Bag (80 lb.) Low Price

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Everlast 4008 Traditional Heavy Bag (80 lb.) Low Price

Product By Everlast
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Product Details

  • 80 lb. bag with Tough Nevatear construction.
  • Includes all necessary hardware
  • Provides ultimate strength and conditioning workout

Product Description

Get the most out of your boxing or martial arts training with this Everlast 80-pound heavy bag. It's made from tough Nevatear, a new leather-like, vinyl material that's made to endure the rigors of even the toughest gyms. It includes a chain attachment for hanging from a heavy bag stand or ceiling attachment.

What's in the Box?
80-pound Nevatear bag, chain attachment

Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

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Customer Reviews

"Get something else. " 2009-03-15
By Jordan Peter
I am currently not impressed at all with Everlast's lower end heavy bags. I owned a canvas one years ago and ripped it in two days. Anyhow I got this bag from Dunham's because I needed something cheap and rugged to train in. It was not a good choice. First of all the bag is not filled evenly so after a while all the filler sinks to the bottom. This is a problem because you are basically punching "Nevateer" and air which gives no resistance at all. I might as well be shadow boxing. I purchased a TKO heavy bag years ago for the same price and it was the best filled heavy bag I have EVER owned. I have a combat sports int. Thai bag and it does not have the filling consistency that my TKO did(may it rest in peace). Finally, Everlast apparently does not like to take the time to properly fill their bags because upon re stuffing the bag, I found four sand bags mixed in with the cloth filler. That really pissed me off. If you can't even get enough cloth into the thing to get it to weigh 80 lbs. then maybe you should reevaluate how you make your bags. Plus when I hit a heavy bag I DO NOT want to wonder which hit will yield the pain of connecting with a sand bag. It is really quite dangerous to have sand bags in a heavy bag like that. Sand filled heavy bags are fine for some athletes, but most people know when there is sand in their bag. However when I have what is supposed to be a cloth filling bag, I should not worry about breaking my wrists, shins, feet and god knows what else. I returned the bag the SAME day I got it. PLEASE spend about 30 dollars more and buy a TKO, Ringside, Title, Combat Sports, or a HIGHER end everlast bag. I won't even comment upon the over all craftsmanship of the bag.

"Great bag!" 2008-12-27
By Hatifnati (Salt Lake City, UT USA)
I love this bag! It's sturdy and a perfect weight for either a male or a female.

"good quality for price" 2008-04-28
By Joshua Campbell (beech grove IN, usa)
This bag has been very durable. I don't use it every day. Just on days between going to the gym. It gets use 2-3 days per week. The only problem I had was that it was pretty hard in a few areas. I went to a sporting goods store and they had one hanging up and it was much softer. The guy told me (off the record) that they had went against manufacturer's recommendations and unzipped the top and removed some of the filler. I did the same at home with mine and then rolled it around the floor to more evenly distribute the filler and it is much better now.

"Hitting this is just too much fun!" 2008-02-20
By Scott (Nashville, TN United States)
I bought this heavy bag and gloves for the whole family (even the 4 year-old) and we have loved it.

It is easy to get carried away with hitting it and you have to be very careful to maintain proper form (learn that first) so you can stay healthy and injury-free.

This bag is great quality at a great price. It will take your abuse as long as you take care to protect yourself. It's far more likely to hurt you than you are it. Don't hit it without gloves because it's going to injure you if you do.

Hitting this bag is a quick way to burn off a lot of stress and energy. It will surely outlast you in every workout no matter how much endurance you have.

"Beware!" 2007-09-11
By L. Parry
I've returned two of these bags. Both came in boxes that were previously opened (the original Everlast tape was cut open and retaped with clear packing tape.) The bags were not packed consistantly. Most importantly, what feels like sandbags were placed randomly just under the Nevatear cover. Great cover! However, a few hard punches into packed rags and then a sudden hard shot into sand is unsafe. I'm sure they make a good product, but I'm having a hard time getting one. Gotta move on.

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