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Black Cloth Shin Instep Pads Best Price By Piranha Gear

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Black Cloth Shin Instep Pads Best Price

Product By Piranha Gear
(11 customers reviews)


Product Details

  • Very nice elastic cloth pads
  • Machine washable (NO special care needed)
  • 1/2" thick padding
  • Solid, long lasting dye
  • Sold in pairs
  • Item Weight: 12 ounces

Product Description

These are very economical Shock Wave BLACK shin and instep pads. They are very well made of a durable and comfortable elasticized fabric blend. Featuring thick 1/2'' foam padding for solid protection. It's a non-slip fit and holds shape and size through repeated use and washings.

For sizing, we recommend you use your (men's) t-shirt size as a guide. That generally works pretty well unless you're at one end of the bell curve or the other (you're on the thin side or heavy side). Since they are elastic, they do accommodate a range of sizes/diameters.

Customer Reviews

"Good for the price." 2009-09-21
By David Pawielski (Moose Lake, MN)
Despite the review saying the pads are a little hard, they are still harder than I expected. They cushion a little when working the bag, but I don't think my sparring partner is going to care for them when I kick him.

The XL's are a little big on me, and my shirt size is a 2XL. I would recommend ordering a size down unless you have large calves for your size.

Otherwise, these pads are hard to beat for the price. Seem to be well constructed. Might want to spend a little more though if your training partner's comfort is on the line.

"great shin guards" 2009-07-26
By Jamie (Idaho)
Great guards I waited to test them before I left a review almost no shifting at all great price too!

"Exceptional service" 2009-02-03
By J. Bailey (Atlanta, GA)
The shin pads deliver as expected. I chose these shin pads because they were economical and the right solution for a particular muay thai class. On another note, they arrived very quickly. I was actually surprised at how quickly they arrived. I will definitely use piranhagear again. I was also impressed that Bill from the company followed up on the delivery to make sure all went well. Yes, that's right, a real live person contacted me. Thanks again.

"great deal, great service" 2008-11-20
By Knight Owl
earlier this year, i started krav maga and taekwondo and usually came home with my fair share of "mat leprosy"; you know, those various scratches, gouges, or unsightly strawberry colored blotches that scream "i pay $100 a month to get mugged for 10 hours a week!" needless to say, it was a blast.

but this fall i took a civilian contracting job in iraq, and the only sparring partner i have now is a 200lb heavy bag at the military provided gym, which wreaks murder on my instep when practicing my front snaps and rear round kicks. sick of stiff ankles, i looked around here online for a pair of pads that are both afforable and durable enough for the punishment a 230lb firefighter can deliver to his shins on an unsuspecting sack of sand. additionally, they work well to cushion ankle weights from rubbing my ankles raw when i shadow box.

i'm very satisfied with my purchase, and after receiving very heartfelt thanks from piranha's customer service for my purchase, i'll definately bring my business back to them when i buy more sparring gear in the future.

"Great Pads" 2008-10-30
By Kyle B. Chilcoat (St. Joseph, MO United States)
I have owned these pads for about 4 months now. They are over the calf style and stay in place very well. This makes them a little harder to get on and off but its not too taxing. These pads are also pretty hard. They are made of fairly hard foam and on a fast hit they don't give much and sound almost like plastic soccer shin guards but if you squeeze them with your finger aqnd thumb they are compressable on both sides.

Foot pad stays in place well but does rotate in the outer shell a bit. Overall for the price and performance they're hard to beat.

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