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Cloth Shin - Instep Guard Lowest Price

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Lowest Price Cloth Shin - Instep Guard

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Product Description

The perfect Cloth Shin Guard solution for students who need vital area pro-tection that will fit anyone's budget. These light-weight, thickly padded protective devices are covered in elasticized cotton to maintain a snug, yet comfortable fit High quality and low price! Just what you've come to expect from Tiger Claw! These protective devices are re- commended for all participants of sparring exercises.

Customer Reviews

"Your shins will thank you!" 2008-10-24
By Penelope Haskew (Friday Harbor WA)
Ahhhh, sweet relief. I still have a bump on my bone from an unfortunately blocked kick from before I got these pads. Now I can spar without as much risk of bruised bones and that makes it all that much more fun. I highly recommend these. They are hard to get off once your legs are sweaty but, they don't slip around and that's key.

"Good product for the money" 2008-08-26
By Sabrina Norman (NC)
The cloth shin instep guards were received quickly, in good condition and met my expectations

"Cloth - Instep Guard" 2007-01-09
By Cynthia M. Anning (Virginia)
I purchased these for my son to use in his Martial Arts classes. (a combo of Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido). They were selling these in the his studio for $26 so I bought them here instead. What a bargain! They are of very good quality and they are exatctly what he needed.

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