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Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard Low Price

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Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard Low Price
The Shock Doctor Pro single mouthguard is scientifically designed for comfort and help protect against concussions and create a channel for improved breathing.

Product By Shock Doctor
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The Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard Details

  • Sizes: Youth and Adult
  • Youth-10 years old and younger
  • Adult-11 years old and older
  • $7,500 dental warranty from manufacturer.
  • Concussion and jaw joint protection.
  • High impact protection.
  • Built in breathing channel.
  • Shock absorbing jaw pads help protect against concussions and create a channel for improved breathing
  • Front rubber bumper absorbs and deflects impact away from the front teeth

Product Description

Shock Doctor Pro Single mouthguard is scientifically designed for comfort and includes jaw pads

Customer Reviews

"Best I found so far, but I keep searching" 2009-09-04
By Brian Dowrick (Hawthorne, CA United States)
Probably the best mouth guard I found. I keep buying cheaper and more expensive, hoping to find the perfect one, but I keep coming back to the Shock Doc Pro. I even tried some of the more expensive Shock Doc types. No good... at least for me. The Gel-Max is too rubbery. You can't close you mouth. I'm trained to keep my jaw shut when fighting, and the Gel-Max fights that. The Ultra STC has air springs on the back teeth. Made for people who leave their mouth open.

I've had the Shock Doc Pro for 6 years now. I use it for about 3 hours per day, 3-4 times a week doing MMA, and Krav Maga. Never had it tear or break.

I can talk with it in. I sound like I have a lisp, but it doesn't fall out. The mold material is very soft, so it takes a great mold. You can count my teeth, and see the texture of the top of my mouth in the mouth guard after boil-n-bite. Good tight fit. IT has a thin rubber frame so even if you bite hard when molding, your teeth will never touch, but they will be close enough to feel natural.

If you are in a sport where you supposed to keep your mouth closed, but need to talk once in a while, this is perfect.

Case is sold separately.

"Inexpensive Protection from Jaw Clinching at Night" 2009-01-28
By interested_observer (San Francisco, CA USA)
I was clinching my jaw at night, and my dentist was finding some resulting bone loss around my teeth. The dentist suggested my wearing a simple, inexpensive, athletic mouthguard at night to stop the situation from getting worse. When I tried the adult-sized edition of this product, I found it easy to shape it to my upper jaw and found it comfortable and safe to sleep in. The dentist has reported no subsequent bone loss after I started using this product. Each mouthguard lasts about two years, and I am on my third one. I view this product as a cheap way to stave off dental and periodontal procedures and bills.

"good product " 2008-03-26
By J. Trevino (MN, USA)
this mouth guard is really small but i planned to cut a regular mouth guard to this size anyways. this is very good and the extra padding on the bottom is perfect. very good product.

"Great mouthguard" 2008-03-07
By Louis (FL, USA)
I use it for martial arts and works great, good fit although I had to 'boil it' twice because the first time it did not fit great. Im not too crazy about the fact they advertise it as clear/black and i got it pink/clear but it does the job

"mouth guard" 2008-01-23
By Mr. Mohamed M. Mohamed
it is smaller than it seemed, but apart from that i am happy with the product

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