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Brain-Pad Pro Plus Mouthguard Best Quality

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Brain-Pad Pro+ Plus Mouthguard Best Quality
Covers the upper and lower teeth with a dual thermoplastic injection process and promotes breathing while clenching. Mouthguard case included. Essentials for Muay Thai, boxing, stand up, clinch, and ground sparring.

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The Brain-Pad Pro Plus Mouthguard Details

  • Headgear that fits in your mouth!
  • Color: Black/Grey

Product Description

The all new redesigned, anatomically correct, shape offers the maximum form fit. Front breathing channels allow increased air flow and constant breathing, even during teeth clenching. Patented inner injection process creates a shock absorber that protects against lower jaw impact concussions. Easily molds to teeth in minutes. Complete with carry case.

Customer Reviews

"Very Comfortable" 2009-09-09
By O. Oneill
This is a great Mouth guard, easy to mold and fit.

Do your research before purchasing a mouth guard. It should not only protect your grill but your jaw as well.

The Brain-Pad+Plus does it.

"Excellent mouthguard for cardio intensive activities" 2009-03-10
By CB (Boston, MA)
I bought this mouth guard for boxing and for sleeping at night (prevent snoring). Works great for both. For boxing, can breath as well as possible without having my mouth hanging open. For snoring, so far, so good according to wife. The product itself it very well presented and documented (i.e. how to fit, etc.)

"Nice mouthguard" 2009-01-02
By Laurie T. Marx (iowa)
Bought this mouthgaurd after a lot of research on the net for my son who is a high school varsity wrestler and has braces. It is hard to find a good mouthgaurd that does both upper and lower teeth. My son likes the air holes in the middle it makes it easier to use and breath.

I would recommend this mouthgaurd to any one who needs one for braces.

The instructions on how to boil it were easy to follow.

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