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Everlast Double Mouthpiece Cheap Mouth Guard

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Everlast Double Mouthpiece Cheap Mouth Guard

Product By Everlast Worldwide, Inc.
(9 customers reviews)


EASY TO USE boil and bite design.
LIGHTWEIGHT for comfort.
EASY TO FORM for secure fit.
PROTECTS upper and lower teeth.

Customer Reviews

"Excellent" 2009-06-28
By JimmieFan (Maine)
Bought these for my daughter for karate sparring ... she has an oral herbst appliance and palate expander. A little modification to where she bites down and they fit perfectly while protecting her complete appliance.

"Maybe mine is the only one cheaply made?" 2009-06-05
By Cody T.
Not exactly sure why there are so many good reviews about this mouth guard. For one, like one of the only previous bad reviews stated, it doesn't shape itself at all. This wasn't that big of a problem for me since it seemed to fit pretty well for what little amount it did form to fit my mouth. Anways, since I've never used a double mouth guard before I wanted to get used to it, so I decided not only to train with it on the mat and the ring (MMA of course), I also decided to run with it. This would help for me to get used to breathing with it. After about three weeks of use, the bottom guard started to get really flimsy...and actually tore on the inside. I'll be sticking with single mouth guards from now on.

"Cut Lip" 2009-03-19
By Richard Chu
I have pretty big lips and this is my first double mouthpiece.

It protected everything fine but my lips. After a sparing session in which I was punched directly in the face my lips were cut up and swollen from the inside due to it being pinched and pushed through the breathing hole. I don't know if I molded it wrong or double mouthpieces aren't my thing. I think I'm going to stick with a single for now.

"Well, I still have my teeth!" 2009-02-17
By A. Huguley (OKC)
What more is there to say? I molded this baby to my mouth for a custom fit, and have used it on numerous occasions for boxing. I've been punched in the mouth a few times, and I still have my teeth, so I'd have to say that this works!

"Protection That's what it's made for" 2008-06-13
By L. Paul (SKB)
do you know teeth are very important, what would happen if they got knocked out......well i for one don't want to find out so i bought this little mouthpiece, and i must say it doing it's job quite well!!!

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