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Everlast 4455BP Hand Wraps 108 inches Best Selling

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Everlast 4455BP Hand Wraps 108 inches Best Selling

Product By Everlast
(16 customers reviews)


The Everlast 4455BP Hand Wraps Details

  • Measures 2 x 108 inches
  • Made of machine-washable 100% durable cotton-weave
  • Convenient thumb loop with Velcro closure for easy and secure wrapping
  • Meets professional and amateur requirements

Product Description

Ideal for use by juniors, women, small hands and those desiring a shorter length handwrap. 108" length is ideal for smaller hands. Sturdy cotton construction with hook-and-loop closure. Perfect for your fighting/training Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, Boxing Aerobic or Martial Arts needs.

Quality hand wraps are an essential piece of equipment for boxing workouts, helping to protect the bones and tendons of the hands while providing support to the knuckles and wrist. Made of a heavy 100% cotton weave, Everlast Hand Wraps feature built-in thumb loops that make self-wrapping easy and a Velcro closure for a secure, comfortable custom fit. The hand wraps are designed to meet professional and amateur requirements.

What’s in the Box?
One pair of hand wraps

Manufacturer Warranty
1 year

Customer Reviews

"satisfied customer." 2009-06-02
By Lillian Pearson (Oregon)
I bought these hand wraps for my son and he is very happy with them.

"Great wraps for the price" 2009-03-29
By Benny Hsu (Jacksonville, FL USA)
these wraps are great. If you need longer wraps go for the Mexican style wraps. My hands are a bit smaller so it's fine for me. Definitely helps protect my hands when I hit the heavy bag. You definitely need wraps if you're going to do that.

"Great coverage and support" 2009-03-26
By Suzannah L. Crowder
I use these wraps for boxing, kickboxing, and an 'MMA on the Bags' class. I'm very happy with them. They're nice and thick (I'm not fond of those skinny, flimsy wraps) so I get great coverage and the thickness also gives extra support for my skinny wrists, and allows them to keep their shape. Because of their thickness, I can also use them as a knee or ankle support. I recommend these wraps to any boxer.

"Comfort and style" 2008-12-16
By Jason Sanchez (Philadelphia, PA USA)
Everlast is a master of its craft. I highly recoomend these wraps! I purchased two packs and completely and utterly satisfied. Thank you amazon!

"Pretty good" 2008-11-11
By Paradise Lost
I needed some good hand wraps for the punching bag, and with the name EVERLAST printed on the cotton made material, I knew what I was getting. With a name sure to last, Im please with this product.

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