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Amber Sports Mexican Style Elastic Handwraps Best Buy

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Amber Sports Mexican Style Elastic Handwraps Best Buy

Product By Amber Sports
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The Amber Sports Mexican Style Elastic Handwraps Description

Mexican style elastic conforming material. Great support for hand and wrist. Fasten securely with hook and loop closure for comfortable custom fit. Perfect for your boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing Aerobic, MMA or Martial Arts needs. Machine washable.

Quality hand wraps are an essential piece of equipment for boxing workouts, helping to protect the bones and tendons of the hands while providing support to the knuckles and wrist. The hand wraps are designed to meet professional boxers and amateur boxers requirements.

Customer Reviews

"Best "real" hand wraps" 2008-10-24
By B. Cornwell (Long Island, New York USA)
I've tried several brands of hand wraps - Everlast are too short and made from cheap thin fabric that warps easily. Century makes wraps that are okay for the price but too short for most adults. These are by FAR the best - the elastic ones are great, they support really well and do not warp. I am not a serious wall-punching athlete but if you're going to spend any money on wraps, get these, spending any less on another brand would be a waste.

"Great wraps good lasting quality" 2008-06-07
By TC (Texas)
great long wraps. has a stronger, thicker, weave than the standard mexican wraps that are thin and strech even thinner. Overall just a better version of the standard handwraps.

"As represented " 2007-01-29
By W. Pankowitz
If you are looking for a Mexican style handwrap these are hard to beat for the price.

"Best wraps" 2005-05-16
By Albert A. Pope
I found a pair of these at a fight in california. They are longer, more stretchy and form fitting than any other wrap. I have used all kinds, these protect and support the best.

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